Code Faster, Write Cleaner using AI Coding Assistants and Sonar

In this webinar, join Manish Kapur, Sr. Director, Product & Solutions for Sonar, to discover how using AI code generation responsibly can help you innovate faster.

With AI code generation tools, such as GitHub Copilot and Amazon Q Developer (formerly CodeWhisperer), developers can accelerate timelines at a pace and cost that would have been unfathomable just a few years ago. However, as many developers have experienced, and an increasing volume of academic research has confirmed, code generated by AI often includes bugs and errors, and readability, maintainability, and security issues – just like code produced by developers.  In this session, learn best practices for integrating AI coding assistants into development workflows and practical advice from Sonar to nurture a culture of clean code.

Who this is intended for: Developers and Tech Leads