Mission-critical software development starts with Clean Code

Leading government agencies trust commercially supported SonarQube by Sonar to ensure the highest code quality and security standards throughout the development of secure, reliable, and maintainable software.

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DoD Stamp of Approval

Our Docker images are hardened to U.S. Department of Defense standards (STIG-hardened) and available in the Iron Bank.

With more than 1,000 live instances, SonarQube is already trusted by leaders in the public sector including the FBI, NASA, the U.S. Department of Justice and many more.

Department of Defense and Docker
Commercial Support

expertise when you need it most

With commercial support, your team receives essential guidance and quick issue resolution during the implementation, continued use, and upgrade of the Sonar solutions. 

  • Global support with quick response time
  • Tools, resources, and a direct line to technical experts
  • Product training and onboarding
  • Dedicated resources via convenient communication channels 
  • Helps meet the DoD requirements for software maintainability
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clean code benefits for government agencies

enhanced code security posture and risk management

Strengthen your security posture and better protect sensitive data from cyber threats by proactively addressing bugs and vulnerabilities at the code level before they reach production.

supports software modernization with minimal cost

Standardize the quality and security of your codebase and seamlessly integrate with your DevOps tools without major change management efforts, meeting the development team where they are without adding friction

address technical debt without sacrificing productivity

With Sonar's Clean as You Code methodology, developers focus on the quality of new code - added or changed - which progressively improves the quality of the entire codebase without dedicating time to technical debt. 

improved software maintainability and longevity

Organization-wide code standards allow developers to write with consistency and efficiency. A code standard overcomes individual styles and creates easier collaboration and remediation efforts that lay the foundation for lasting software.

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“SonarQube has allowed our organization to push out cleaner code, learn from our mistakes on new projects, and increase the speed of our software delivery.”

DevOps Technical Lead @ Small Business Government Company

Trusted by Public Sector Leaders

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  • Freddie Mac Logo
  • USPS Dot Com Logo
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sonarqube runs in a FIPS-enforced environment

Sonar helps government agencies and organizations meet FIPS requirements by enabling secure code development practices. Running the SonarQube server in a FIPS environment guarantees that the cryptographic algorithms used for encryption, decryption, and digital signatures are approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Read more about it and other new features in the SonarQube 10.6 release announcement.

key clean code features for better software development

Our solutions integrate with existing development practices and environments to give early, continuous feedback on whether code meets the release standards set by government agencies.

advanced code analysis, bug & vulnerability detection in your DevOps platform

Analyze pull requests and reflect the results directly in your DevOps platform to reliably track codebase health and prevent issues from flowing downstream. Full branch analysis in SonarQube keeps the team on track to release clean, safe code.

enterprise reporting to monitor development practices

Gain valuable insights from your development activity and codebase health with portfolio management & PDF executive reports, project PDF reports, and security reports to make informed strategic business decisions. 

granular access controls

Easily control who has access to sensitive information to protect against security risks and data leaks. SonarQube supports streamlined administration with authentication and authorization mechanisms, as well as group and user-level settings.

additional programming language support and scalability

Gain access to coverage for Apex, COBOL, PL/I, RPG, and VB6. Sonar also supports component redundancy, data resiliency, and horizontal scalability for those who require uninterrupted operational performance and uptime.

Security reporting

OWASP / CWE Top 25 security reports in projects and portfolios

Dedicated reports track project security against the OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 standards with a PDF export of the top reports. But securing your code isn’t just about reports. That’s why our custom SonarSource Vulnerability categorization helps translate security categorizations into language developers understand.

In Cure53’s expert opinion, this project confirmed a very solid security premise at SonarSource… [SonarQube] is currently well protected against a broad number of web application attack vectors.

One can argue that the outcome highlights the development team’s commitment to maintaining security features with due diligence and adherence to best practices. Despite extensive deep-dives and exemplary coverage toward a plethora of application features by the Cure53 testers, no serious issues were detected.

Penetration Testing @ Cure53

enterprise-level code quality with trusted, white glove support

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