reduce risk when outsourcing software development

Outsourcing is essential for many businesses, but not without risks. Sonar standardized coding guidelines reduce those risks and ensure that software produced externally stays consistent and aligns with established quality expectations.

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when the risks outweigh the benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing software development is an essential business strategy for many organizations - more than 79% leverage it today according to a recent Deloitte report. Despite its countless benefits, this influential business strategy is well known, but the risks are often underestimated. 

When code comes from different teams that live inside and outside an organization, coding styles can vary, issues can slip through the cracks, and visibility into development activity can be difficult. This leads to lasting negative impacts on everything from software performance to code maintainability to outsourced team attrition. To minimize risk and increase confidence, organizations need a way to streamline and mandate quality and security standards across teams. 

Image represents risk posed to product development when outsourcing code.

integrated, risk-averse code standardization

Sonar analyzes and tracks the quality of code across all projects - from the moment code is written in the editor with SonarLint through the DevOps build stage with SonarQube and SonarCloud. Checks at every step reinforce code consistency and minimize the risk of new issues, regardless of where the code is developed and who it’s developed by. Other code-scanning tools have limited analysis capabilities, lack seamless integration, only focus on security or single languages, and have minimal developer adoption. 

Image shows code that passes the quality gate to ensure Clean Code.


reduce the risk of issues in code

Detect issues (bugs, security vulnerabilities, performance issues, etc.) in code across teams and time zones before code is deployed, boosting confidence that outsourced code is high quality and maintains the integrity of the codebase.

establish and enforce universal coding standards

Set clear and concise standards and coding best practices across programming languages, frameworks, and stakeholders at every stage of the DevOps workflow.

control costs and deliver with consistency

Manage the consistent delivery of code quality and security and help developers proactively remediate issues so that more time is focused on forward momentum. This makes project timelines more predictable, preventing code rework, allowing for proper management of costs, and minimizing unexpected budget overruns.

code written for developers, by developers

Keep code maintainable, communication clear, and technical debt under control allowing for easy adaptability of the code either with the same partner or another source. Sonar is well known and adopted by more than 8.5 million developers and 400,000 organizations.

outsourcing challenges


of executives in the US say their greatest concern regarding software development outsourcing is the quality of work


of business executives cited the need to cut costs as their main reason for traditional outsourcing

Up to 25%

of all outsourcing relationships fail within two years, and 50% fail within five according to Dun & Bradstreet

key features

Sonar standardizes code quality and security from coding to deployment.

leverage the Clean Code standard

Reinforce code quality and security standards across teams with a Clean Code framework that covers 5000+ rules that support the attributes that code should exhibit - consistent, adaptable, responsible, and secure - for 30+ languages and infrastructure platforms.

automated code reviews and custom quality mechanisms

Sonar’s automatic analysis of branches and Pull Requests detects and helps resolve issues before merging code. Sonar Quality Gates ensure code that’s not up to quality standards does not pass. Use the default or customize the set of rules applied during analysis through Quality Profiles for each language.

comprehensive enterprise reporting

Review the current quality gate status and any failing conditions, plus the major metric values on new code. Gain quick visibility into the quality, security, and overall health of the codebase with project, application, and portfolio reports. Security (PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, OWASP ASVS) and Regulatory reports are also available to ensure that the code meets industry and organizational standards.

secure administration and accessibility

Control who can access and modify code analysis results, protecting sensitive information through authentication and provisioning via commonly used systems (LDAP, SAML, GitHub, GitLab, etc).

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Sonar has helped us improve internal discussion and establish Clean Code best practices.

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Sander Hagendoorn, Lead Software Engineer @ RR Mechatronics

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