Improve DevOps Transformation and Automation

DevOps transformation: the cornerstone of modern development

Poor quality code is the curse of modern DevOps, hindering the benefits that DevOps aims to bring. Sonar is an essential part of DevOps that helps reduce rework and rollbacks while improving the quality of releases and development velocity.

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why your DevOps Transformation isn’t performing as expected

According to a recent DevOps Trends Survey, only an alarming 49% of organizations implementing DevOps were able to get to market faster. This was because issues at the code level resulted in poor-quality output, slowing down the entire DevOps journey and allowing nonconforming code to reach production.  

Many organizations tend to rely on testing alone to catch coding errors. However, these tests are insufficient to detect issues and vulnerabilities that impede DevOps. Without proper early analysis and detection, errors become costly and time-consuming to rectify in later stages of the software development lifecycle, while also disrupting the DevOps process.

Dev section of DevOps loop

essential DevOps transformation tools

To reap the full benefits of DevOps transformation and allow DevOps automation to reach its full potential, adding static analysis into the DevOps workflow is imperative. Implementing static code analysis into the DevOps workflow with SonarQube, SonarCloud, and SonarLint, enhances developer productivity by detecting real issues earlier in the development process, allowing for quicker and more efficient high-quality code development. They enable the detection and correction of issues directly within the IDE, ensure that only high-quality code reaches production, and support a 'Clean as You Code' approach. 

Sonar seamlessly integrates into the DevOps Continous Integration (CI) stage with SonarQube (a self-managed solution) or SonarCloud (software as a service) to allow early detection and remediation of issues to establish a best practice DevOps process.

Image depicts SonarLint, SonarCloud and SonarQube fitting into the DevOps workflow

benefits of DevOps transformation

reduce rework

Quality is built into the development flow and is prioritized, leading to fewer coding issues during application QA testing or in the field. 

improved maintainability

With code developed to meet industry standards and best coding practices, the codebase remains clean and easy to navigate.

smoother releases

Rigorous quality checks during development, before code is promoted to production result in fewer bugs and vulnerabilities being introduced.

reliability assurance

Code that doesn’t meet organizational established quality standards is automatically rejected, preserving the integrity of production-ready code. 

Sonar is the essential DevOps automation tool

Sonar analyzes your codebase quickly and accurately, giving you vital information to proactively fix any problems. Correct issues from the moment code is written in the developer’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with SonarLint and utilize SonarQube or SonarCloud in the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline to prevent issues from reaching production.

Quality Gates

Fail the build pipeline when the quality of code does not meet defined requirements and standards and prevent problems from being merged or deployed

quality profiles

Allow organizations to use default rules or customize their rules from project to project and from language to language.

comprehensive coverage

(30+ languages, 5000+ rules to detect all issue types)  and integration into popular DevOps platforms (in-cloud and on-prem) along with easy integration with CI/CD systems.

connected mode

While in connected mode, developers are notified in the IDE when their code isn’t meeting the quality standards set in SonarQube and SonarCloud.

DevOps transformation best practice with Sonar

Image shows the DevOps workflow and where SonarLint fits in while coding and where SonarQube and SonarCloud fit in with the Build stage
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Sonar helps us streamline our code reviews and improves the quality of overall code.

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Lee Davies, DevOps Tech Lead @ Rowan Dartington

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