Sonar commercial support

Your enterprise requires expert technical assistance and prompt issue resolution to maintain uninterrupted business operations. Our technical team is committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support required for continued business success.

engineered for your business success

With commercial support, your team receives essential guidance and quick issue resolution during the implementation, continued use, and upgrade of the Sonar solutions.

  • Global support with quick response time to minimize any downtime
  • Tools, resources, and a direct line of communication with technical experts
  • Product training and onboarding
  • Dedicated resources via convenient communication channels 
  • And numerous other benefits to keep your mission-critical applications running smoothly
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Get the right level of support

Choose the support tiers suitable for your unique business needs.

FeatureStandard SupportPremium Support
AvailabilityBusiness hours 24x7
Response time 1 business day

Mission critical benefits: 

Blocker issues: 1-hour (24x7) 

Critical issues:  4-hour (24x5)

Major & Minor issues: 1 business day

Support for operational issues
Assistance for product setup, implementation, and ongoing usage
Access to support portal
Service Desk Accounts1Up to 5
Phone support -
Live Chat / Slack supportComing soon!
Upgrade planning and assistance

Screen share for debugging

(Blocker and Critical issues)

Dedicated senior technical expert -
Personalized onboarding-
Quarterly business review-
Quarterly reporting of issues and support activities-
PricingFor detailed pricing contact salesFor detailed pricing contact sales

Refer to the Commercial Support Terms and Conditions


Get the help you need with the setup, configuration, upgrade, FAQs, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A support ticket is a mechanism by which your team can open a line of communication with our team of technical experts. We recommend opening a ticket through the Sonar support portal as a first quick step for you to articulate the problem you might be facing so we can have all the details to help debug the issue.

“SonarQube gives software engineers a better view of code quality. The disclosure of all project metrics created competition among teams, resulting in more willingness to write the best code possible.” 

Andreas Fischer, Software Developer, DevOps CoE @ DATEV

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