Software Maintainability

software maintainability enhanced with Clean Code

Ensure that your codebase can be easily read, understood, modified, repaired, and enhanced at any time by any developer. Enable developers to design code that is scalable to manage growth and change which allows for easier additions, features and improvements.

why is code maintainability important?

By some estimates, code maintenance accounts for more than 90% of project costs. If your codebase is hard to maintain, efforts to address issues can become increasingly costly and time-consuming. This leads to stagnated velocity on feature delivery that impacts your overall success. 

With Clean Code you have happier developers and higher team velocity. 

refactoring bits of code and quality checks are shown as an abstract of a developers environment.

Clean Code makes code maintenance easy

Minimal code maintenance leads to an optimized development workflow that supports more maintainable software.

increase team velocity

When code is easy to understand, updates and new projects happen faster.

focus on what's new and interesting

Spend less time figuring out how someone else’s code works and more time working on interesting problems.

embrace life-long learning

Whether you're new to a language or just polishing your technique, Sonar makes every Issue a teachable moment embedded within your workflow.

promote unity

Personal preference gives way to team wisdom when you enshrine your coding standards in your quality profiles.

the right feedback, at the right place, at the right time

Get advance warnings of potential pitfalls with guidance to mitigate code smells when they’re raised early in the development process.

SonarLint in your corner

Add SonarLint to your IDE for the earliest possible feedback. With SonarLint to catch new issues as you code, no one will ever see your mistakes. Plus, it’s free and open source!

Connected Mode in Your IDE

maintain a high standard with PR analysis

Proactively tackle issues with pull request analysis prior to peer review with Commercial Editions of SonarQube or SonarCloud.

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Image shows overall health of a project with all areas having a passing score
software maintainability is more than just Issues

code metrics that are easy to understand and present

Complex code is hard to understand

cognitive complexity

Sonar invented Cognitive Complexity to detect issues when code is structured in a way that is hard to understand. Complex code is more likely to be buggy and confusing which leads maintainers to add new bugs.

Duplications double the risk

duplicate detection

Multiple copies of the same code mean many places to make, or miss, changes. Sonar helps you consolidate duplications for smoother future maintenance.

Uncovered code leaves you exposed

unit test coverage

Ensure you can confidently make changes; if the tests still pass, you know you haven't broken anything. Sonar highlights where your coverage is good, and where it could be improved.


every language has best practices. Sonar helps you follow them.

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