Code Quality

make clean code your code quality standard

Clean Code is easy to understand and change, operates smoothly at runtime, and contains minimal technical debt.

clean code applies to all types of code and meets a certain standard of quality

promote team unity

Clearly set standards create a shared vision of quality and set expectations, easing communication and delivery.

Two developers work together to build new clean code

gain visibility

Always know where your projects stand with integration into your ecosystem with push notifications. badges, and open APIs.

ensure your software runs with reliability

A clean codebase helps your software continuously operate as expected and avoids costly interruptions to the business.

Pass Reliability Standards with Clean Code

clean code from first commit to release

own your code with quality profiles

Leverage quality profiles and quality gates for your projects. When a project is analyzed, Sonar applies selected quality profiles for the languages in use to show if your code passes or fails.

5,000+ Static Code Analysis Rules
The default quality profile for SonarQube C language is shown

customizable quality gates in your workflow

Sonar Quality Gates are established as part of the Clean As You CodeTM methodology and show a clear releasability indicator with every analysis. Clean As You Code incrementally addresses the overall quality of the codebase by focusing only on newly added or edited code. Over time, old issues get corrected without adding new ones while maintaining forward momentum on new projects.

The results of a pull request are shared

pull request analysis and decoration

Pull Request analysis gives you a clear go/no-go on merging to the main branch. As a reviewer, you quickly know whether the code is good enough to merge.

Sonar provides early SAST feedback around the number of Bugs, Vulnerabilities and code smells in your project

portfolio management and reporting

Portfolios give you immediate insight into the health of all the projects across an entire department, business unit, team, etc. Subscribe to the regular delivery of actionable PDF reports.

Sonar Allows you to generate PDF reports of your projects overall health

a single source of truth for all the languages in your project

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ready to raise the bar with clean code?

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