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SonarQube 10.6 icon

June 25, 2024

SonarQube 10.6: Autoscaling in Kubernetes, AutoConfig of C and C++ projects, run in a FIPS-enforced environment, easier operations, and more…

  • SonarQube autoscaling in Kubernetes
  • AutoConfig for C and C++ projects even for unsupported compilers
  • SonarQube runs in a FIPS-enforced environment
  • Set rule priority to prevent the release of substandard code
  • Easy setup of monorepos for all DevOps platforms
  • Monitor upgrade time and progress during upgrades
  • Added support for Scikit-learn library in Python for AI / Machine Learning practitioners

SonarQube 10.6 Release Announcement -->

Image of SonarQube 10.5

April 16, 2024

SonarQube 10.5: Java 21, C++23, TensorFlow, simplified project setup, and many more improvements

  • Support for the latest language versions: Java 21, C++23, TypeScript 5.4
  • Secrets detection analysis is faster and deeper SAST coverage has increased
  • Simple project setup for monorepos, Maven, and GitHub Actions
  • Expanded support for Kubernetes and Helm Charts
  • Addition of TensorFlow library in Python for Machine Learning practitioners

Full SonarQube 10.5 Announcement -->

SonarQube 10.4 icon

February 06, 2024

SonarQube 10.4: Show the Benefit of Clean Code and Clean as You Code, Sync Users and Groups from GitLab, and More

  • SonarQube Shows You the Benefits of Clean Code and Clean as You Code
  • Faster Scan Times
  • Provision and Sync Users and Groups from GitLab
  • Benefits of linking SonarLint with SonarQube
  • New Support for Helm Charts
  • Language Updates

Full SonarQube 10.4 Announcement -->

November 15, 2023

SonarQube 10.3: Secrets Detection, Clean Code, Stronger Security

  • Secrets Detection at the Source
  • Clean Code Taxonomy Updates
  • Clean as You Code Improvements
  • Automate Provisioning GitHub Projects and Teams
  • New 2023 CWE Top 25 Report
  • Stronger Security Capabilities
  • The Blazor framework and Razor templates
  • Languages: React, Jakarta and Spring Boot for Java, .NET 8, C#12, NumPy and Pandas for Python, and much more...

Full SonarQube 10.3 Announcement -->


September 01, 2023

SonarQube 10.2: Support for MISRA C++ 2023 rules; Several security features; Simplified GitHub permissions sync; New Clean Code attributes, UI & UX improvements & more.

  • New MISRA C++ 2023 rules help adhere to safety and security guidelines
  • Improved secrets detection to include more than 60+ cloud app secrets/tokens 
  • Easy synchronization of GitHub project permissions
  • New rules to detect security misconfigurations in Azure Resource Manager
  • Security analysis results can now be seen in GitLab Dashboard
  • Plenty of language updates

Full SonarQube 10.2 Announcement -->

SonarQube 10-1

June 21, 2023

SonarQube 10.1 - Smoother centralized access management with GitHub; Multiple code variant analysis for C/C+; Big coverage boost in Java security

  • Smoother centralized user and group management with GitHub
  • Analysis of multiple C/C++ code variants
  • Coverage boost in Java security engine
  • Clean as You Code guidance checks
  • Support for analyzing Kotlin multi-platform; new rules for Python, Java, JS, C#

Full SonarQube 10.1 Announcement -->

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