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Trusted by 7 million developers, Sonar partners with some of the best resellers to bring Clean Code closer to you, and to help you achieve a state of Clean Code.

SoftFlex Solutions Partner

Cambodia - SoftFlex Solutions Co., Ltd - Bronze Partner

SoftFlex Solutions is an IT solutions and services provider with a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, and passion for financial service Banks, MFIs Insurance, Government, and MNCs. Softflex partners with Sonar's powerful suite of tools to improve our clients’ code quality, security, and maintainability. We chose Sonar for code quality and security products to detect reliability, and vulnerability issues in a multitude of languages.

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C&S Partner

China - Shanghai C&S IT - Gold Partner

Founded in 2010, Shanghai C&S Information Technology provides consulting, implementation, technical support and customized development services to enterprises in the field of software collaborative development, code quality and security, aiming to help them improve their development efficiency and quality with the Sonar solution and SonarQube.

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China - Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. - Gold Partner

Established in 2011, Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the fields of enterprise software quality/security, performance management, testing, as well as DevOps. It boasts a technical team capable of providing customers with end-to-end one-stop services - consulting, planning, solution design, customized development, implementation, and delivery. The team specializes in incorporating Sonar's solutions to help enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of their software development.

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Qingsui Partner

China - Xi'an Qingsui IT - Gold Partner

Established in 2009, Xi'an Qingsui Information Technology has a technical team with years of professional services and rich project experience, providing solutions and high-quality safety technical services to a large number of customers. As a leader in software security and quality solutions, Sonar's products help developers build products with quality and security.

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Integrated Global Solutions Limited Partner

Hong Kong - Integrated Global Solutions - Silver Partner

Integrated Global Solutions Limited (IGS) was established in Hong Kong in 2007. We are an IT solutions and service provider with over a decade of business experience, specializing in various IT categories such as DevOps, ITSM, and open-source technologies. We chose Sonar as part of our portfolio because it is the leader in clean code and is dedicated to upholding its core value of transparency and continuous improvement. By supporting our community, Sonar helps pave the way for future innovations.

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Enreap Partner

India - Enreap - Gold Partner

Enreap is a trusted partner in digital transformation, helping clients achieve and enhance "Operational Delivery Excellence" through Agile and DevOps, ITSM, PPM, and Cloud Solutions. Enreap can enable its clients by providing Sonar solutions to streamline their business operations, specifically Software Delivery Operations with high level of security & Business Support Operations.

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ifabula logo

Indonesia - Ifabula - Gold Partner

PT. Ifabula Digital Kreasi (Ifabula) as one of the best digital transformation partners in Indonesia understands & believes that our best service can help our customer reach their goals. We are a creative technology partner made up of passionate, deep thinking and techie teams, assembled as one of the best digital transformation partners in Indonesia. Ifabula is ready and committed to providing our best service to help our customers to face success in the digital era.

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Inovasi Informatika Indonesia Partner

Indonesia - Inovasi Informatika - Gold Partner

Since 2015, PT Inovasi Informatika Indonesia (i3) has been dedicated to delivering IT solutions and services. We offer consultation, implementation, migration, preventive and corrective maintenance, managed services, and many kinds of training. Infrastructure, middleware, cloud, data management, DevOps, and IT security are among the services we offer. We also exclusively employ certified resources to deliver the best service possible. To deliver the best service to our clients, we also believe in Sonar’s values and how they develop their products. Partnering with Sonar can change the development world which can provide high standards of security and source code quality, providing better software for better business processes to our end user organization.

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iZeno Partner

Singapore - iZeno - Gold Partner

Founded in 2003, iZeno provides enterprises with the best-in-class technology solutions they need to keep their businesses running seamlessly in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. With a team of 100+ in-house innovators, iZeno has delivered, implemented, and optimised over 500 Enterprise Solutions to enable smarter insights and better business outcomes.

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curvec logo

South Korea - CURVC Corp. - Gold Partner

We, CURVC Corp., specialize in helping companies enhance productivity and quality in software development. We offer software engineering and DevOps consulting based on practical experience. With a diverse range of customers, we have successfully implemented practices to improve software code quality and security by integrating SonarQube-based Continuous Inspection into their DevOps pipelines.

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LinkTech Partner

Taiwan - Linktech Inc. - Silver Partner

Linktech Inc. is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Taiwan. Our team dedicated to providing professional service, training and customization solutions for customers. We have successfully cooperated with the customers from financial industry, technology industry, government and so on. We would like to work with Sonar to provide more and complete solutions to our customers.

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Candylio Partner

Vietnam - Candylio - Silver Partner

Candylio is the first and only Platinum Solutions Partner of Atlassian in Vietnam. Partnering with Sonar enables Candylio’s product offerings with a powerful tool to improve our clients’ code quality, security, and maintainability. By combining Sonar's platform with Atlassian's suite of collaboration tools, Candylio can deliver end-to-end solutions that help clients achieve their tech objectives. 

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