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Trusted by 7 million developers, Sonar partners with some of the best resellers to bring Clean Code closer to you, and to help you achieve a state of Clean Code.

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France - Ouidou - Gold Partner

Ouidou is a French technology and engineering services company. Founded in 2017 and gathering more than 250 employees, they offer a complete range of services to create, plan, build and run digital services. More than 125 clients trust Ouidou services and expertise to support their digital transformation including software development and operations, UX/UI design, DevSecOps and Agile consulting, implementation of leading collaborative, coding, and security tools such as Atlassian, GitLab and SonarSource. As experts in fullstack development and DevSecOps they’ve been using SonarQube as their favorite tool to ensure quality coding and security - becoming the first SonarSource Gold Partner in France.

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Germany - Codelab - Silver Partner

One of the main services offered by Codelab is CI/CD and Test Automation. Within this service, Codelab builds for our customers a whole DevOps infrastucture that supports building of a code, static analysis of the code and executing different level of tests. Sonar is our choice for static code analysis and a place for presenting code quality.

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Szitar Partner

Hungary - Szitár-Net Kft. - Bronze Partner

Szitár-Net has been using SonarQube with great satisfaction for almost 5 years, which is how we met Sonar and gained experience using it. Our company selects only market-leading products. In our opinion, Sonar products are the best in the SAST market. In addition to license sales, our company also deals with implementation, technical support, and consulting.

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ALM Partner

Israel - ALM Toolbox - Gold Partner

ALM-Toolbox provides DevSecOps and ALM solutions, including selling licenses, professional services, managed services, training and more. The company is specialized in SonarQube and SonarCloud, as well as git methodologies, Kubernetes, code & app security, GitLab, GitHub, Terraform and more.

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Italy - Kiratech - Gold Partner

Kiratech was founded in 2005 in the field of virtualisation. Over the years, the challenges, insight, commitment and partnerships with great talents in the industry have led to the company becoming a top player in the Data-driven Cloud Adoption, Platform Engineering and Secured Software Supply Chain by Akit fields.

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Poland - Deviniti - Silver Partner

Deviniti started its activity from a software house, and today, after 18 years of presence in the Polish market, the largest unit in the company is Application Development with more than 100 IT experts on board. Deviniti believes the state of Clean Code is the paramount asset of software. Together with SonarSource, Deviniti helps organizations achieve predictably and sustainably. 

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Excentia Partner

Spain, Portugal, and South America - Excentia - Gold Partner

Unleash the potential of your teams and improve the quality of your code with Excentia - your best partner to help you close the gap between development and operations teams thanks to our experience with Sonar and our DevSecOps culture. We guide you towards the best implementation of the Clean As You Code approach with SonarQube, SonarCloud, and SonarLint. We help the world to write better & safer code.

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Switzerland - Redsen Consulting - Gold Partner

Redsen SA, a certified Swiss B Corp consultancy established in 2010, specializes in framing and securing digital transformation projects. The company's expertise lies in assisting various departments, including General Management, Information & Technology, Marketing, Communication, and HR. They focus on: enhancing organizational performance, developing digital strategies, overseeing information system governance, transforming and optimizing IT departments. Redsen brings expertise in sectors such as education, e-commerce, finance, life sciences, and public administrations. In our pursuit of quality and security in coding practices, Sonar stands out as the global leader in providing solutions. Redsen partners with Sonar's suite of tools to ensure code quality, security, and reliability across multiple languages.

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Turkey - Secure Computing - Gold Partner

Secure Computing specializes in DevSecOps and DevSecOps consulting, offering tailored solutions to integrate security seamlessly into your software development lifecycle. Our approach bridges the gap between development, operations, and security, fostering a culture where security is an integral part of the development process from the outset. With Secure Computing's DevSecOps solutions, you can confidently navigate the complexities of modern software development, ensuring that your applications are secure by design.

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Archinnova Partner

United Arab Emirates - Archinnova - Gold Partner

Archinnova is an innovative business technology consulting and implementation firm established in Dubai, UAE serving the Middle East and dedicated to delivering an end-to-end DevOps solution ranging from planning all the way to continuous deployment. Our DevOps 360 model offers customized integration of application delivery with all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle and businesses are ensured that software can be reliably released at any time. Our team of highly skilled engineers and DevOps specialists offer innovative solutions to various industries such as financial services, telecommunication, transportation, energy and the public sector. Our unique customer-centric service delivery model is supported by our best practices driven methodologies and powered by leading solutions to ensure tangible results through a partnership journey of collaboration, knowledge transfer and flexibility. Sonar is the de-facto standard of our DevOps testing offering.

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